Coloring Your Hair Healthy!

Put very simply, who colors your hair really does matter. The difference you’ll experience with getting your hair colored at the Michelle Antinarella Salon starts with my extensive years of experience and expertise as a color specialist, my global knowledge of the art of color, the use of the very best color lines in the world and my extensive chemical training background. The combination of these factors actually allows me to not only maintain your hair, we actually increase the health of your hair! All this culminates in you having the very best hair color result available! Your hair will actually feel and be healthier!

The coloring of your hair takes place while you relax, pampered in a spa-like salon atmosphere sipping your favorite tea or coffee, while listening to relaxing music, with a light aromatherapy in the air, listening to and peacefully gazing at the waterfall, reading or if you must, being on your wifi.

We start with a comprehensive consultation vis-à-vis (face to face) to uncover exactly what you’re looking for, getting clear on what you feel beautiful hair encompasses. Throughout this process I carefully listen, then we combine all of my expertise in evaluating hair types, texture, your hair color now, how your hair has been chemically processed and the maintenance factors required to ensure lasting results.

During our time together I’ll educate you on the ideal product line for your hair along with any styling tools (and their use) you may need to maintain your gorgeous hair at home. . I can assure you with this comprehensive consultation we will be on the same page, understanding each other completely. Rest Assured!

Although I am known as the blonde specialist, I am very well versed with different methods of coloring and highlights application and bring all of my global experience to bear on enhancing a brunette or making a red head even richer looking. As “the blonde specialist” I love to use several tones including, golden, honey, caramel, and platinum according to your taste and your skin tone.

Having worked in fashion shows no style or color is too extreme. Coming from elegant Salons I know how to make elegance, a truly stunning elegance. It’s all according to the image and style you want to achieve and the kind of lady you are… Special in Every way!

Let us Adorn your hair! Why? “Because we love our hair.”