“Best color, best extensions, best service”

This is not a typical salon; here, yours is a one-on-one experience in a serene, relaxing environment. All attention is on you, the client, and the atmosphere is as warm as Michelle’s expertise is apparent.

My initial appointment was for consultation and color, and a second appointment was devoted to the application of the extensions.

At 58, mine was a problem of thinning hair. Now, I look like my younger self again, perfectly natural and wholly believable.

If you are searching for high quality product and top-notch service, this is your salon.


“Simply the Best!”

I came to Michelle almost 3 years ago with terribly damaged hair. After 2 sets of the most absolutely beautiful extentions my hair was much longer and healthier. I have gone from blond to brunette and have long beautiful hair that I get constant complements on. Michelle is a magician when it comes to hair. She truly cares about the health of your hair and is an absolute professional! I have yet to find a better hair artist!



“The Most Wonderful Hair Extension Experience”

Michelle created a long luxurious look for me out of hair extensions after I had a home dying hair incident and had to cut off all my hair. With only a little bob to work with she blended the extensions and created a very natural look for me. I am still in awe of the work she has done and will continue to return to her. The extensions are easy to care for, comfortable and long lasting. She is truly an artist. I recommend her to all.


“Finally Blonde!”

Well, I’m finally a blonde! I’ve done it once before, many years ago, and it was not good! But ,thanks to you Michelle, I have the beautiful blonde hair color I always hoped I would have. The color gets better and better, the comments from other more plentiful. I couldn’t be more pleased. You really exceeded my expectations… couldn’t have ever/wouldn’t have ever done this again without you! THANKS!!


“She gave back my natural hair color”

I am a redhead and all of my life I worried about what would happen when the time came to cover my grays. For years I tried having colorist do highlights that turned out blonde, almost white, and changed my hair color completely…until I found Michelle. She gave back my natural hair color without damaging my hair, and I thank her for that.

I think it is a matter of knowing your trade, and being careful and creative at the same time. It is the work of an artist, and probably not all colorist assume their work in the same matter, with such determination and commitment, and I say this out of experience. Making a redhead look natural is about the hardest job for a colorist, and she did it!! I have to add this I live in Panama and travel to Miami specially to have my hair done every couple of months, nobody else touches it because they wouldn’t know ho to do it.



“I was thrilled that I can finally make my long hair wish come true…”

I have wanted long hair for the longest time. But my hair growth isn’t as fast as I’d like it to be. I discovered hair extensions and was thrilled that I can finally make my long hair wish come true. I was even more thrilled when I met Michelle from Ugo di Roma hair salon in Coconut Grove, Miami. Michelle did an excellent job in adding extensions to my hair! Michelle decides a color for her client according to her client’s appearance, which means the color matches the complexion of the face. This is something I trouble with always, but after meeting Michelle I wouldn’t dream of going to anyone else for a hair cut color, and most importantly hair extensions.



“Her compassion for “hair emergencies” never fails”

Miracles come in Three. Finding a good colorist is a miracle in itself. I watched Michelle do highlights on several of her clients and was sold! To find out she did Great Lengths extensions was miracle #2. The third was Michelle herself. Her acceptance and compassion for “hair emergencies” never fails.




“…be there this weekend in Miami from New York”

Hey I’m gonna be there this weekend in Miami from New York I get there Friday and leave Monday I was writing to see if I could make an appt. for my new Hair. I will send you a pic so you can see the new color. I know it is a very short time, but I know you also know my hair.




“I finally have the hair I am sure God forgot to give me”

Dear Michelle,

I finally have the hair I am sure God forgot to give me. For the first time I can have just about any style I want. About two months ago I read about hair extensions at Ugo di Roma and decided to give it a try since I had already tried every hair thickener known to man.

When I met you I was impressed that you did not shy away from me (my hair) and tell me it was not going to work because my hair is naturally baby fine. Instead you not only told me you could match my hair but you could match my highlights. Wow, what a lovely surprise.

A few days later you had all the hair matched exactly to my own within two and a half hours I was wearing a full head of natural thick hair. My family and friends could not believe it was extensions and nothing showed. Nothing hurt and there was no maintenance on my part. I simply shampooed and went on my way. If I want to look especially nice I can blow dry but it’s not absolutely necessary. I love it and would recommend it to anyone. Thank you, Michelle, for giving me the hair I was always meant to have. By the way I love to bounce it all around and if I don’t say anything nobody can tell I am wearing extensions.


Very truly yours,


“I would recommend her to anyone considering having extensions”

I was at the salon for hair extensions and a color. Michelle was incredibly talented and friendly. The Great lengths hair extensions she did came out fabulous. I would recommend her to anyone considering having extensions done. These are by far the best ones to get. Michelle is great at applying them and nice to be around for the long process. My color has never looked better either. I will certainly be a regular customer of hers.


Lisa A review from Citysearch.com
Michelle: Extraordinary colorist

Michelle Antinarella is the best colorist I have ever had. She is friendly, personable and accommodating. She understands how color related to your skin color and type, age, and style. Michelle is extremely professional and a skilled technician. She is straight forward and honest, but makes you feel comfortable with her recommendations. She includes you in the decision-making.

At my first appointment with Michelle, my hair color needed changing and she gave me her recommendations, but also suggested making changes gradually over 2-3 appointments so I would feel more comfortable with changes and her techniques. My color has never been better. If you want truly glorious hair color, book an appointment with Michelle! She is an artist and an asset for the salon.


“Someone I can really trust to blend the correct colors for my hair…”


Michelle Antinarella came highly recommended to me from my stylist. She is someone I can really trust to blend the correct colors for my hair. She uses only the best products that are gentle and give my hair softness and texture. She is a true artist with her work and has become a wonderful friend.




“The health, strength, and shine is always most important to her”

I get asked on a weekly basis about my hair color. Michelle’s work definitely attracts the right kind of attention. Michelle is very professional. She is always pleasant, punctual, and patient. Three years ago she took me from boring highlights I became accustomed to, to sensational color. She is rational—always pretty, and never too over the top. She manages to add more dimension than any other colorist that I have worked with, or seen. The health, strength, and shine is always most important to her. She will not compromise your hair’s health with a whim to be white blonde 😉 She is brilliant with color and skin tones. Working with Michelle is truly a beautiful and enjoyable experience, for me and my hair.