With 15+ years of experience, Michelle has mastered the art and the science of hair coloring and hair extension design. Starting off with a thorough consultation, using the industry’s very best products, combined with the best techniques developed through caring for thousands and thousands of client. Michelle will create your best look ever!

She has worked with the best in the industry, including a coveted scholarship and education from the Vidal Sassoon Academy. Michelle has been recognized as a gifted artist with a special gift as a colorist and hair extensionist. She has taken the hair extension industry to new levels of artistry with her techniques and expertise. Because of this Michelle’s work has been featured in broadcasts of both CNN and FOX networks.

Due to the popularity and demand for Michelle’s style, she has developed an education program including internships dedicated to creating future opportunities and careers for emerging master hair colorists and extensionists that have inspired her enough to take them on as candidates.

During Michelle’s career she has worked in world class cities such as Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York and today resides in Miami, the hippest city in the world. She has studied French, Italian, British and American hair design concept and is able to translate this vast knowledge into the perfect style of cut, color and hair design for her couture clients.

Michelle’s legendary reputation brings her clients that have traveled from around the world for a visit to her salon. Just as often, loyal clients that have flown her to Beverly Hills, Malibu and New York for the exceptional look they know she’ll create for them.

For inspiration Michelle loves to travel, visiting the best cultural venues, music, art, building design and history. Europe is her current favorite place to explore, rest and create in.

By honoring all of the knowledge, expertise, experience and clarity Michelle has on what clients love when it comes to their hair, she has created an innovative couture salon concept, dedicated to providing an extraordinary customer experience and the assurance that you will have white glove service.