Being able to provide the best extension product in the world is a distinction few salons are awarded. It takes training and continuing education coupled with a high level of quality control to be granted the honor of being able to offer this great line of products to our clients. Think of the Chanel line, it’s only sold in select places, and so it is with “Great Lengths” whose products are only available to top salons.

I love working with the Great Lengths products and have mastered the application of their extension to an unparalleled level. The difference is my technique of application. As a passionate colorist from the onset of my career, my experience has provided me with a massive advantage in customizing the application of extensions. Having worked with applying color forso long I have the knowledge to blend several shades in to a harmonious shimmering balance.

You start with an extensive consultation discerning the image you’re out to create. You may be out to add fullness, length or both. The perfect look for you will include your body type, your wishes and my expertise of how to enhance your look to reach your desired image. Once we’re clear on your image the extensions are custom ordered and you’re application appointment is scheduled. If coloring is a part of the image you’re after we’ll color your hair the day of your consultation so we’re ready to go when your extensions arrive. Prior to your appointment I will prep them by customizing the attachment to fit the right density of your hair. This is done according to the weight and specifications of your hair type.

Working with a highly trained assistant, we are able to complete an application in two to two and a half hours. Those nightmarish 6-8 hours marathon applications are over for you. My assistant supports me by sorting the shades of hair and continually cleansing the fusion point on the machine. This partnership allow me to concentrate on doing an amazingly efficient and beautiful application for you. Throughout your stay in the salon you are pampered with your favorite beverage, coffee or herbal tea, while listening to relaxing music, peacefully gazing at the waterfall, reading magazines or if you must, being on wifi.

I also work with Hair Dreams another Luxury Brand of Hair extensions. They offer two types of hair, European hair which is a much finer texture or Indian hair which is wavy. If you have a preference we can accommodate. My main focus is your happiness, and you feeling amazing during your visit with us and for weeks and weeks to come. During your consult I educate you on the best products to use for your new Image and styling tools. Rest assured! We will set up future appointments before you leave to maintain your gorgeous new image. When you leave the salon our professional relationship stays open, I am reachable through text message all the time for questions pertaining to your new hair and its care. I am committed to you to having a First Class, Exceptional Salon Experience, because we “Love Our Hair.”