Couture Healthy Hair Formula

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The health, structure and shine of your hair is an aspect of your hair that I care deeply about.

“Because we love our hair!” I’ve created two extraordinary treatments I believe ought to be on the

vanity in every woman’s home.

1. Restructure and Restore+

This is my original, signature treatment and everyone whose used it tells me how much

they love it. In our daily lives, our hair goes through numerous stressors including

coloring, blow drying and environmental stressors. This amazing product revitalizes

the hair by restoring the protein moisture and natural oil levels back to their optimum

state. Your hair will feel amazing inside and out. If you are experiencing damaged hair,

or even sensitized hair this will be your “go to” product.

We use it in the salon after every single color treatment we do. Imagine your hair

feeling healthier after receiving a coloring service than it did before you colored it! My

clients express this feeling to me about this product all the time. I recommend using it

1-2 times a month for maintenance.

The most important detail you must remember is how long to leave the treatment

in your hair for 5 minutes. To use shampoo your hair, towel it dry, and then work

Restructure and Restore+ through you hair using your fingers and leave on for only

5 minutes. This is an example of when less is more! Only 5 minutes! Because it’s a

structure repair product, more than 5 minutes is actually detrimental. Kind of like

Goldie Locks 5 minutes is “just right.” You have never experienced something so

yummy for your hair.

2. Aromatherapy Nurturing Frangipani Light Oil “Perfume for the Hair”

Frangipani: A soft floral fragrance used in India for over 5,000 years of holistic science; it

balances the mind, body and spirit and the power it expresses is LOVE.

I researched this product for over 2 years, going through all of the pros and cons of

every one of the oils out there for oils the had the best aspects of what I envisioned,

guide by the question “what is the best combination of features for this product?

Everyone wants a soft fragrance, something light and something to give shine and

health to the hair. Something that would promote hair growth, nurture the scalp,

something that can be left in the hair for longer than 5 minutes and we came up with

this treatment utilizing the ideal blend of organic oils.

It can be used before a color service, combined with a scalp massage, it will prepare the

hair and protects it from stress. It can be applied before sports and exercise, before

boating or participating in water sports and as a great treatment during harsh winter


Apply a small amount in your hands and work it into the hair little by little until the hair

is moist, then tie up the hair and leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes and a maximum

of whatever you’d like. When complete, shampoo and condition your hair with our

other products. Your hair will look and smell AMAZING! If you have curly, thick or frizzy

hair, I recommend it in small daily doses. Shiny healthy hair! Love it!

Experience the EXCEPTIONAL feel of your hair to the touch. It’s also great on the skin

and will absorb without leaving an oily trace.

Boyfriend Recommended!