Straighteners, Relaxers and Brazilian Keratin Treatments:

“Frizz Be Gone” Curls Vanish or Soften.

Do you have curls? Do you battle frizz in South Florida humidity? Would you like an amazing deep conditioning treatment relieving you of all your frizz, strengthen out your hair, add shine, and cut your blow dry time in half! We can do that for you and add extra sleep time to your morning!!!!

We begin with a comprehensive consultation going over all of your hair’s stressors including curls and or frizz and chose the best way to achieve your hair’s ideal look, while making styling much easier and lasting throughout the day! No more bad hair, frizz days!!! Smooth, soft, polished looking hair, that’s easy to style… A long held dream come true!

We work with an array of the best straightening treatments, chemical relaxers and Brazilian treatments available. With the thorough research I’ve done on straighteners, I’ve been able to take caring for your kind of hair to a whole another level. The game plan is to protect your hair during the application procedure and customize the processing time according to your hair type. Everyone’s hair type is different and must be treated with individualized special care.

We always take into account the health of your hair with all of our chemical services, to insure we enhance the health of your hair and avoid the all too common over-processing that occurs in other salons. Let us adorn your hair while you relax in a calm spa-salon environment, sipping tea or coffee, listening to and gazing at the peaceful waterfall with a light aromatherapy in the air, knowing you’re being treated to the best hair care possible from a passionate visionary in the beauty industry, feeling pampered and leaving with beautiful hair. You are a special lady, enjoy our first class private and couture exceptional salon experience…

“Because we love our hair.”