Mom of 16 year old girl testimony
Happy to Know  The Entire Family. The whole Family came to meet me! What an Honor and Privilege to see a beautiful family come together so strong in crisis..

A gifted and compassionate artist!
Michelle is a true artist who cares about her clients. In February my 16 year-old daughter was diagnosed with cancer and lost her long, beautiful hair to chemotherapy. While undergoing treatment she heard about extensions but was devastated when told by a number of hairstylists that they could not be applied until her hair was 3-4″ long. At that time I read about Michelle on the internet and told her about the situation. She said that she could work with hair that is only 1″ long! My daughter was excited and from that time on she remained in constant touch with Michelle. The opportunity to have extensions with very short hair combined with Michelle’s support and encouragement kept her going throughout the treatments! Michelle certainly played a huge role in my daughter’s complete recovery! Last week the dream was realized. My daughter was ready to be transformed. Michelle spent 12 hours meticulously applying hundreds of extensions. Five colors were used to achieve a beautifully blended look. During the entire time they shared stories, laughed, and I am sure ached. Yet each extension was placed by the hands of a gifted artist with a compassionate heart. The final extension was placed, hair cut and styled and an amazing transformation was made. The extensions were amazing!! When she looked in the mirror she said that she finally felt the “cancer thing” was behind her. On Tuesday she proudly walked back into school with her head held high! Her hair was amazing and the confidence she felt radiated from the inside out. She was healed! I can never thank Michelle enough for all that she has done for my daughter. Her compassion and willingness to work “outside of the box” combined with an unequaled artistic ability gives anyone who has the good fortune of meeting her, an experience of a lifetime.