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Do you know someone that has Cancer or Alopecia and wants you to feel beautiful? Sometimes we just want to be comfortable during challenging times. If your hair is your Signature …With the Black Label Line you will feel like your whole healthy self again! These hair systems are the highest quality on the market. From the Smart Cap technology that gives you the a barely there feel, to the Eastern European Hair that just falls like silk over it you will feel beautiful and like yourself!
We consult and do the work in private here just to make your experience comfy. If you want it will always be our little secret.
Michelle Antinarella Salon
“Let Us Adorn Your Hair Because we Love our Hair! First Class Private and Serene Exceptional Salon Experience.” – Michelle Antinarella Salon

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Here at the Michelle Antinarella Salon we will always tell you whats fact and whats fiction when it comes to haircutting frequently and how to make grow!

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